Friday, 3 October 2014

0004 - Trade Ford Motors (F)

Trade F - initial buy 2014/10/02
This should be - if not immediately stopped - a swing trade.
I'm interested in Ford as it's lost around 20% in a month or so and because it's been smashed cause "poor" sales data. I think, like some other people, that being Ford in the process of lanching 15 news models, monthly sales numbers are not enough now to justifly such abrupt and sharp decline.
Anyway, as chart shows, I've bought around what could be a good area of support.
Setup = R(D)
Tactic = OV(D)
Execution = tried a red to green entry in the first hour, that didn't work out immediately.
Entry price = 14,60
Stoploss = 14,20 (more or less)

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